Vespers Update

Evening Prayer

Our service of evening prayer at the Greensboro Vespers Mission has turned into something beautiful.

Last night, we went out on South Elm and invited folks to the service. Craig Wolfe was especially vigilant, even working an alley to invite folks he spotted. One man, David, a neighbor of Charlie and Ruth Jones, came to the service as a result of an invitation. Another man could not come but asked for prayer (and we did pray for Ricardo).

Then we gathered together in the Jones’ dining room for coffee and refreshments and fellowship before we gathered and sang, “Jesus Christ is the light of the world.”

We have adopted a new approach during the sermon time. Pr. Ryman pulls up a chair with the intimate group of faithful worshipers and opens the Good Book, teaching in an informal, conversational style that encourages comment and questions. One could even call it a brief Bible study. Last night we began a series on Ephesians.

The future? Look for an advertisement and (hopefully) an article in the Greensboro papers that invite people to a dinner that introduces people to the mission, as well as to the work of City 616.

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